About Us

Neptune Light is one of the Canada’s largest LED lighting distributors and importers serving local authorities, consumers and the electrical trades. We have successfully tendered for complex and demanding specifications which due to our in depth knowledge of this emerging technology have saved millions of dollars for our end users.

Our products offer industry leading performance without the industry leading price tag. The key to a successful LED installation is to give you a realistic payback time to make sure you can enjoy greater saving over the life of the LED products. Our cost effective solutions give you the fastest payback and some of the longest lasting products available.

With a 5 year warranty and support to rely on, it is no coincidence that Neptune Light is trusted by the electrical trade to provide unsurpassed products and customer service.

We are shipping out of our three warehouses: Toronto (Canada), Buffalo (USA), Shenzhen (China). Call us on 1-800-791-6366 for advice and to get our best price guarantee or click here to see our full range of products.